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WK 34 - His Righteousness, Our Path To Ultimate Freedom.

Isaiah 54:14 (NIV)

In righteousness you will be established: Tyranny will be far from you; you will have nothing to fear. Terror will be far removed; it will not come near you.


Unfortunately, the righteousness of man is neither the standard for salvation nor the prerequisite for all the blessings and promises associated with the concept. Its achievement can only be attained through the grace and sacrifice of Jesus the Christ of all mankind. When we accept Jesus and walk in His proven life of righteousness, Tyranny which is oppression and deliberate cruelty from governments and systems will be far from everything that concerns your life. The terrors of fear which is one reason for lacking faith, and has the ability to cripple your confidence and motivation will come nowhere near you. This scripture is an equation which holds the key to walking without fear and having the confidence to attain your dreams and goals. Walking in His righteousness is crucial to Godly success and distinction.


I pray O Lord, that you give me the strength and wisdom to walk in your ways and live a life of purpose. May fear have no impact in my life. In Jesus’ name I pray.

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