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His Word, Our Righteousness. Our Righteousness, Our Path.

1 John 5:18 (NIV)

We know that God’s children do not make a practice of sinning, for God’s son holds them securely, and the evil one cannot touch them.


John acknowledges (Rom 3:23). Even though we fall sometimes, we as believers are not in the habit of living in the futility of our sins. The contrary would be us peddling with inequity. We must strive to live sin free and trust in the saving grace of Jesus, who holds us securely and protects us from the evil one in spite of our nature. You have divine protection from the son of God who is our shield and ready to fight for you. There’s nothing that will harm you because you have been insulated from evil and demonic attacks. Dwell not on the sin, make it right with God and drive on.


Thank you for loving me in spite of my weakness and protecting me from the noise and pestilence. I trust in the power of your saving grace. In Jesus name I pray

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