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He Took Away My Reproach

Proverbs 14:34b (NIV)

“but sin is a reproach to any people”.


The issue of sin drives to the heart of the believer. Jesus bore ‘all’ of our transgression so we would not bear the grief of reproach. Our very nature (seed) is corruptible and we drag towards the wrong. He paid the price so we are no longer indebted to sin’s wages. You are cleansed from the effects of sin and have eternal life through Christ Jesus. Through our right standing (righteousness) with God we show gratitude for the sacrifice of his son and we are then freed from the guilt and shame of sin. Walk with confidence. Grace abounds!


Father forgive me for any acts which violate your laws and bless me daily as I struggle and strive to live according to your will. Give me the courage to abhor sin. In Jesus’ name I pray.

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