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Your Salvation Is Worthy Of God's Praise. Stand Out, Shine Out.

Isaiah 61:11 (GNT)

As surely as seeds sprout and grow, the Sovereign LORD will save his people and all the nations will praise him.


The prophet Isaiah assures God’s people of His everlasting love and saving power. From the sowing of seeds to the harvesting of the crop is a slow process but it definitely comes to pass. This was a message not only to comfort the people, but to talk about Christ. Many many years later, Christ died on the cross and offered salvation as a gift to all nations. Worship of Yahweh and praising his good deeds goes beyond Israel but from all nations. You are a chosen vessel and no matter how long it takes, God will move in your favor. Jesus is working behind the scenes and he will make all things work for you at the appointed time. Remain in his presence.


Father we praise you from every corner of the world. I exalt your holiness and I’m grateful that in all things, you always hold your end of the promise. I will wait on you. In Jesus’ name.

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