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Your Prayer: He's Heard You Every Single Time.

TEXT: Psalm 66:19 (NIV)

But certainly God has heard me; he has attended to the voice of my prayer.


David was deeply beloved by God and to a large extent, that love was reciprocal even though shaken at times. From this text we see his confession and assurance that God is living and has ears to hear his cry. David prayed more due to his love for God and not because he had problems or needs. His confidence and knowledge of God made every problem and need irrelevant because he knew God would always come through for him. If you Love God, you will talk (pray) with him. It comes natural. Let your trust, hope and love for God cause you to pray more. Please pray!!


I pray oh Lord that I will learn to love you more and approach your presence with love, joy and peace knowing that you will heed to my prayers at all times. In Jesus’ name I pray.

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