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Your Miracle Hour Is The Most Crucial. Sail Through It.

Joshua 23:8 (GNT)

Instead, be faithful to the LORD, as you have been till now.


There are seasons of dryness where we all feel tired and doubtful of our faith. Sometimes it is fear of the unknown or of failure. The questions seem to go unanswered and God is quiet. We know we have been good to the best of our abilities and ironically, the pagan or worldly appear to prosper. There’s the temptation to step outside the hedge just for once because it looks greener. Don’t!! Just stay put and believe the impossible God who showed up in the mess with mercy and grace. Cling to him, love more, and seek more. The morning is coming soon and the breakthrough is close; so much closer than you think.


I will learn O Lord, to remain faithful and abide in the wisdom of your grace. Let the heavens smile upon me and let the rising of the sun come with a word of comfort. In Jesus’ name I pray.

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