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Your Heart, A Well Of God's Glory.

Proverbs 14:30a (NIV)

A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body;


Most people will associate peace to the mind but this scripture relates it to the heart. This leads us to examine the role the heart plays in our spiritual, psychological and physical health. Out of it the bible says flows all the issues of life. Stress, depression, worry etc. all have the ability to cause imbalances in our general well-being. ‘’Jesus asks not to let our hearts be troubled, but believe in God and also in him’’ as having the ability through his word to lead us unto the path of peace. Guard your heart, protect it from the unnecessary and keep the doctors away. Find peace!


Father, I thank you for being the prince of peace. Let your peace reign in my heart that I may live without the bonds of a troubled heart but trust in your plan for perfect peace. In Jesus’ name I pray

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