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Your Harvest Cometh With Peace Ans Righteousness.

James 3:18(GNT)

And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.


First of all the harvest never belongs to the slave(s) but to the master. We are sons and daughters of God and partake in the inheritance of the father. The peace makers’ inheritance is to become a bona fide child of God with full access to the masters kingdom. The opposite of Peace is War and as long as there’s war, there’s no productivity in the kingdom and no rest for the warrior. That wasn’t God’s original design for man. Be lovers of peace and mercy, stand right with God by making peace with all men and women and reap the harvest of your righteousness.


Bless me O God and let me never forget the price of service and righteousness. Spirit of God, remind me on a daily basis of my own miracles of salvation and deliverance. In Jesus’ name.

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