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Your Enemies Are Not God. He Said [Yes] Who Dares Say No?

Psalm 46:11

“The God of Jacob is our refuge”


The story of Jacob is one of redemption and an example of God’s saving grace for a chosen and destined child. Despite the odds and signs of a life not worthy in the sight of men, God’s words and promises for Jacob kept him front and center of his divine will. Not sure what the events of your life suggest to many (Men) but you are marked by the precious blood of Jesus and that makes you an asset of heaven with a beacon on your life. Those who rise and plot based on your circumstances are nowhere near God and have no decision making right over your life. The same God of Jacob, is your God. He is many things but today, he’s your refuge. Rise worthy child.


Oh God of Jacob, please let your outstretched hand draw me into your presence. You are my refuge O Lord, give me the courage to change the things which make me unworthy.

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