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Your Actions Will Always Speak Louder Than Your Words. It's The Way Of Faith.

James 2:22

Can't you see? His faith and his actions worked together; his faith was made perfect through his actions.


There are many teachings on faith but one necessary if not the most important dimension, is “action”. The word action here is vague yet dynamic because its application within the faith element is dependent on the individual exercising his/her faith. Basically if you profess to have faith there must be a corresponding set of action(s) to go with it. Those actions will determine the level of your faith. Pleasing God should be our utmost mission and desire. This is possible only through faith. You need faith and it begins with trusting God and doing his will no matter what. And exercising it daily, is how you grow. Louder Please.


Spirit of God, come help me see the things that elude and sway me off my path. Teach me the ways of the Lord that I may believe in him and do his will at all times. In Jesus’ name.

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