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You Will Reclaim Your Possession. The Master Builder Is Fixing You For His Glory.

Ezra 3:11b (NLT)

Everyone shouted with all his might, praising the LORD, because the work on the foundation of the Temple had been started.


The temple was always a symbol of God’s resting place on earth. It housed the tabernacle during the time of peace and a place of worship. The tabernacle carried the presence of God and everywhere it was taken, the almighty God was present. It was used to bring the walls of Jericho down. The rebuilding of the temple symbolizes the constant work God is doing to perfect you as a chosen child. Remember you are a carrier of God’s temple and he dwells within you (your body). The process of reconstructing that which was broken or restoring what had depleted over time, is ongoing. You are a sign and a testament to the unfinished work of God.


I trust in you O Lord. Rebuild within me all that is broken and restore the years stolen by ignorance, sin and unrighteousness. Come dwell in your Holy Temple. In Jesus Name.

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