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You Were Redeemed To Redeem. Let Your Light Shine.

2Corinthians 2:14 (GNT)

But thanks be to God! For in union with Christ we are always led by God as prisoners in Christ's victory procession. God uses us to make the knowledge about Christ spread everywhere like a sweet fragrance.


Every ministerial gift given by God is for the edification of the church. By the church I mean all the individuals for which heaven rejoices over anytime one is won over. Jesus’ mandate (The Great Commission) was for us all to gird our loins, be taught his word, know him and then go out. You have a part to play in God’s grand scheme of redeeming the entire human race back to himself. When you decide not to shine, darkness advances so let your little light shine and strive to bring others into the body so we can illuminate the entire universe. We are hip towed with Christ in this mission.


Father I pray that the sweet aroma of your word will be revealed to me so I can share you to the world. Make me a lighter so I can spark many more flames for the sake of your love.

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