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You Are A Nation. Stand With Glory, Live Fulfilled.

Proverbs 14:34a (NIV)

Godliness makes a nation great.


The use of the word nation has both a literal and a revelatory meaning. God referred to Jacob and Esau as nations in their mother’s womb and that’s how God sees us. Nations! Obedience towards God’s words, a desire to do his will and living right the best you can is how you attain godliness.. Godliness will make you great because there’s a reward for them that seek him diligently and it is greatness. Become that Holy Nation and duel as a king in his kingdom. Be Jesus minded and receive the liberty and freedom he gives. Be exalted into his glory cloud.


Father, give me the strength to live a godly life obeying your laws and living a dignified life according to your will. Bless me and enlarge my vision. In Jesus’ name I pray.

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