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Yes You Are Your Brothers Keeper. Let Goodness Win.

Matthew 19:20

The young man said to him, “All these I have kept. What do I still lack?”


Just following the law as it were in the Ten Commandments isn’t enough anymore. The law of love is as simple yet very vague because it is led by the Spirit of God and operational on a platform of desire and willingness. Peace, joy and happiness are unique consequences of actions related to our relationships with others. So Jesus’ answer was for this rich young man to sell his possessions and do some good with it. At the bottom of every heart, is an inherent goodness and every time we share that goodness, we encounter a higher offering and reward from God. We have become our brothers’ keeper. God will fill you with goodness and grace.


Dear Lord, thank you for your goodness. You lead in everything and the sacrifices you offered for my well being are unbeatable. Fill me up with grace and mercy so I can share your goodness.

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