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When We Lose Our Way, His Love Finds Us.

Numbers 31:49 (NIV)

and said to him, “Your servants have counted the soldiers under our

command, and not one is missing.


This story reminds me of the good shepherd who assumes responsibility for every sheep under his care. Accountability is important to God and he moves destinies and situations around to ensure we are found even if lost in the journey of life. If we stay under his command like obedient soldiers and allow him to command our ways and moves, we will never go missing and enjoy the victory God desires for us. In like manner, we are accountable to God for what he entrusts into our hands and that’s the measure of our success. Let God lead in the areas you fall short and you will have everlasting peace.


I get lost sometimes in my walk with you and I want you Oh Lord, to take control of the things I am incapable of handling. I trust you in all things. In Jesus name I pray.

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