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The Sun, Moon, And Stars Exist For Your Glory. Reign, Reign.!

Psalm 121:6

The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.


God used the first five days of creation to create everything man needed including the sun and moon. This scripture suggests the sun and the moon have abilities beyond rising and setting. Man named the sun and the moon because he had dominion over them. That dominion was lost and restored by Jesus reclaiming the keys from satan. Not just the sun and moon but all of creation is waiting for you to take your place and possess the entities with authority. Most of our limitations come from the fact that we don’t believe in the power and abilities within us. 3,227 years ago Joshua stopped the sun for his advantage. Reign!


Thank you Lord for the crown of glory and the authority of the word of truth. Let me walk in the brightness of the sun and commune in the subtleness of the moon. Let men know their worth. In Jesus’ Name.

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