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The Sovereign Lord. Your Divine Defender.

Isaiah 50:9 (GNT)

The Sovereign LORD himself defends me — who, then, can prove me guilty? All my accusers will disappear; they will vanish like moth-eaten cloth.


The defender of the sons of God is mighty and his wisdom surpasses the understanding of any mortal. The chief accuser of man is the devil who was cast down and stripped of his glory. False accusations are meant to halt your trajectory and disrupt the will of God for your life. Our God is the ultimate judge with the gavel in hand and when he decides no one can overturn his ruling. The Holy Spirit who happens to be our teacher, comforter and advocate is Lord and will move to your defense as long as you ask and depend on Him. Even if you are a lawful captive, the defender of Israel will come to your aid. Your accusers have disappeared.


O sovereign Lord of grace who comes to deliver and defend the helpless. Cause my accusers to vanish like a moth-eaten cloth and let me never lack a defense. Holy Spirit, come be my advocate. IJN

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