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The Lord will fight the battle. The victory is yours. Be still.

Isaiah 49:25b

I will fight against whoever fights you, and I will rescue your children.


As God’s children, we are covered under his banner of love and protected under his strong wings. Israel had many enemies and we saw the wrath of God come upon all those who opposed Gods’ chosen people. Their defeat though was at the hands of Israel itself. God quickened, empowered, and led them to battle with the assurance of victory no matter the size of the enemy. Our children are the most precious gifts God entrusts us with and he’s capable of rescuing them from any form of captivity. You don’t have just a coach but a lead and a captain who is skilled in battle and everything that concerns you. Praise and exalt him because his plan works.


Thank you Lord for your love and protection. I bless you for the rescues which happened silently and for those you intervened publicly. I entrust my children into your hands and praise you forever more.

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