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The Host Of Heaven Is Fighting For You. March On.!

Joshua 23:3b

The LORD your God has been fighting for you.


It is important to take stock of our lives and appreciate the goodness of God, through the preservation of our lives and the silent victories won behind the scenes. As long as there is breath in our bodies, physical restrictions, secret wars against us, conspiracies would not stop the agenda of God concerning our lives. The Lord God has always been in the background and like a chess master, waging and fighting on your behalf. This happens especially in situations where you are weak and your abilities fall short of the task in hand. God will never leave nor forsake you. Have the confidence in all things and trust him and keep moving ahead.


I know O Lord, that when the battle gets tough and I am weak and weary, you will send angels to fight on my behalf. I pray for grace to believe and trust you. I will keep my head up. In Jesus’ name.

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