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The God Of Jacob.. Our Ultimate Help.

Psalm 146:5 (NIV)

Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God.


Though an imperfect man, Jacob stood as a rock whose character was enigmatic. God however, chose him and his lineage to become his special people. What we can learn from this is that, though we are rigged with the sins of Adam, we can confidently put our trust in God and have hope knowing that he can make us whole. There are many sources we can seek for help; when God provides our needs, it comes as a gift not a loan to be repaid with interest. God provides our needs when it’s appropriate so we can benefit from the fullness of his love with no sorrow. Be blessed as you place your trust in him.


I pray for guidance Oh Holy Spirit. Remind me to always remember that my help comes from God. Let me have the patience to wait for his time. In Jesus’ Name.

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