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The Gavel Of Judgement Belongs To God. No Man Can Judge You. Walk Your Path With Confidence.

James 4:12 (GNB)

God is the only lawgiver and judge. He alone can save and destroy. Who do you think you are, to judge someone else?


As far as man is concerned, God has always led him by some type of a moral law. There was the Law of Moses which was given as a result of disobedience to God. The laws of the spirit through Christ are unique and dynamic, because God can give individual laws to different people at different times. This makes him the only true judge and no one can take that place. So we are in no place to Judge another lest we be met with the same feat. There are righteous ways to correct and guide a brother or sister and lead them to repentance: It is the way of love. The Holy Spirit will lead you if he needs your involvement.


Thank you O Lord for the gift of knowledge and comfort of the Spirit. Forgive me if I have sat in the seat of judgement and scorned another. Teach me to be humble and to walk in your presence. In Jesus’ name I pray.

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