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The Enemy Syndrome: Your Proof Of His Will.

Matthew 21:15 (NLT)

The chief priests and the teachers of the Law became angry when they saw the wonderful things he was doing and the children shouting in the Temple, “Praise to David's Son!”


Jesus was healing people of their infirmities and the priests/teachers were angry. This is typically what I call “The Enemy Syndrome”. So, your enemies have tried to pull you down yet you stand taller than them. They have plotted and schemed against you but you have escaped their snares. They have tried stealing and taking what brings you happiness yet, you smile everyday and are filled with courage, supernatural joy, blessed with abundance, your horns exalted, new positive friendships and relationships. God has blessed you so no curse will stand. Learn to praise and dance in the face of adversity. Go higher.


I pray O Lord that you bless and keep me in your will so I will dwell in your house forever. Give me the endurance to stand in the face of persecution believing in your power through faith. In Jesus’ Name.

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