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The Devotional Heart, A Key Function Of Success.

Romans 12:11

Work hard and do not be lazy. Serve the Lord with a heart full of devotion.


The rules around our world today is that hard work brings success and laziness leads to hunger, so the natural conditioning of the mind or society is that everyone has to do everything possible to find a good paying job and have a comfortable life. This hasn’t always brought fulfillment and happiness to the soul. Paul adds an important ingredient to this balance by asking that we serve God with our hearts in the process because it is he who makes all things possible. Sometimes we focus too much on his work and we forget about him (GOD). God is the most important element in this process.


Father bless the works of our hands and bring us to a place of success and prosperity. Also teach us to realize that you are the Lord of all the earth and all things are by you.

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