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Take Your Place O King. Rule The Earth.

Rev. 5:10 (GNT)

You have made them a kingdom of priests to serve our God, and they shall rule on earth.”


The mystery of service will always be an illusion for the proud soul. Service of God in his courts is only reserved for priests. The shredding of the temple’s veil gave us direct access into the presence of God to serve freely without bounds. We were chosen as a generation of a new kind of priests (1Pet2:9) to not only serve, but carry the mantle of kingship and rule the earth. As you serve in his presence like Oded-Edom there’s a translation in your nature, mortal body and soul: They begin to receive authority, and power to cause changes in the affairs of the earth. You are an earthly ruler and a conductor of the chords from heaven. Reign O King.


Oh Lord that I may serve you with honor, meekness and humility. That I may also believe in who I am and what I am worthy of. Let my life serve you King of Kings and let my lips praise you always. In Jesus’ Name.

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