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Supernatural Restoration: Pressed Down Shaken Together.

Jeremiah 33:26b

For I will restore their fortunes and will have mercy on them.”


The word restoration here refers to a situation where we were once in a state or a place but either lost it through our actions or in actions. We were created to praise and fellowship with God but lost our place. The restoration process becomes complete through Christ. Sin takes us out of his will but the name and belief in Christ restores us through the mercies of God. For everything that you have lost, the redemptive power of Christ will restore beyond your imagination because God presses down, shakes it together and provides an overflow beyond your imaginations. Shalom.!


Father we bless you for your provision of redemption and mercy which restores us back to your will. Let our hearts be bridled for your use and our minds restored to holiness.In Jesus’ name I pray.

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