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Special, Chosen, And Blessed. His Will For You.

Isaiah 61:9 (GNT)

They will be famous among the nations; Everyone who sees them will know that they are a people whom I have blessed.”


Worldly fame is different from Godly fame. You can become famous either by doing something extremely good or bad. As believers, we serve as ambassadors of heaven with a seal of authority from heaven. The blood of Jesus serves as the “ink” that seals our dispatch papers. You are an uncommon soul and the world has to see and recognize the uniqueness of the God you serve. Your impact wherever you find yourself (church, workplace, your friends) must be felt and acknowledged. God’s blessings make us rich, bring peace, create an atmosphere for growth and success. His Blessings will draw men to your fame in Christ Jesus.


O Lord that I will be a worthy ambassador for your kingdom. Bless me Lord so that all men will know that you are a rewarder of your people. Crown me with love and clothe me with your presence. In Jesus’ name.

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