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Protect Your Victories, They Hold Your Crowns.

Rev. 3:11 (GNT)

I am coming soon. Keep safe what you have, so that no one will rob you of your victory prize.


God has woven protection as a provision into his redemptive plan for us. Victory prizes are rewards that we get from God for all manner of things. Revelations outlines the various victories and their associated rewards. This scripture clearly brings to light the fact that there are people who will rob you of your hard fought and won victories. Abraham in his old age had to fight off vultures who were bent on devouring his sacrifice on the altar. Jesus protected the salvation plan so he wasn’t distracted. You have some things that are worth protecting. Your vision, your faith, your hopes, your mind and your soul. Keep them safe, protect them with all you have.


I will keep safe all that is divine, and holy, and worthy of you O Lord. I establish your will in my life and declare in your name, that I will not lose my victories now and forever more. In Jesus’ Name.

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