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Praise: A Sign Of Gratitude. Let It Out Of Your Lips.

Ezra 3:11a (NLT)

They sang the LORD's praises, repeating the refrain: “The LORD is good, and his love for Israel is eternal.”


God was restoring the nation of Israel to the promises prophesied through Daniel. Israel is God’s own chosen nation till this day. Not a perfect people, not a righteous people but the love of God for Israel is eternal. Until God gives them away to their enemies, they are untouchable. You on the other hand, do not need to become a natural citizen of Israel to enjoy his goodness. You are an adopted child of God bearing and having the same rights in God’s eyes. So learn to sing his praise this day and forever because his love for you is eternal. God is committed to blessing and restoring you to the former promises and the latter glories.


I will praise you O God of Israel, ‘I AM’ is your name and I know you are all that I will ever need. Please restore the lost glories of my years and may your name be exalted in all the earth. In Jesus Name.

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