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Praise! A Sacrificial Offering Of Gratitude. A Fast Lane To The Heart. Now You Know.

Hebrews 13:15 (NLT)

Let us, then, always offer praise to God as our sacrifice through Jesus, which is the offering presented by lips that confess him as Lord.


Offerings, tithes, donations are meant to provide “meat” in the house. So, what do we offer God directly? The truth! Genuinely confessing Jesus as Lord with our lips is a sacrifice of praise that erupts from our hearts. The lifting up of our hands, the bowing of our heads, prostrating before him are acts of surrender to a magnificent God. Your money will not make it to heaven but your praise will rise up to his nostrils, because he inhabits the praises of his people. Praise him in the morning, at noon and at dusk. Thank him no matter what. His plans never fail. Trust him on this one. His plans never fail.


Let my soul O Lord praise you. You have been the rock for my existence and the deliverer of my life. Your wisdom has driven me this far. I praise you for you are Lord of all. In Jesus’ name.

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