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Possess The Land, Plant Your Fields. It's Time For a Double Harvest.

Isaiah 61:7 (GNT)

Your shame and disgrace are ended. You will live in your own land, And your wealth will be doubled; Your joy will last forever.


God has declared promises through the above scripture and to continue to carry the burden of sin, shame and the guilt of disappointing God, a sense of captivity and poverty of the spirit is a plot to rob you of everlasting joy. There’s a resting point for every believer and it will be in your own land. Dwelling in your own land means you’re not in captivity, and you own the deed to that property. Possess your land, till the soil, sow seeds and harvest the fruits of love towards all including yourself. Let your joy be full because he that promised is faithful. One catch though, align your ways to his way. Not all things are profitable so be cunning and abound in wisdom.


O Lord, you bore my shame so I can be shameless, you became poor so I can enjoy the riches of heaven. Your joy was taunted so I can be forever happy. Always guide me to your ways. In Jesus’ name I pray

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