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No Demon Nor Evil Can Come Near Your Dwelling. Walk In Light And Righteousness.

Psalm 85:11 (NIV)

Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven.


The first 6 days of creation saw the sovereignty of God in motion. Apart from man, every other creation doesn’t have the ability to sin. Everything springing out of the earth doesn’t have the luxury of choice but to strictly conform to the original intent for which it was created. It upholds the integrity and truth of God. But righteousness was, and is a result of God’s moral code. It’s descended from above and is a guide that sets us up to walk in the steps of God. It is our tool of conformity. Heaven is the final destination but the earth was made for our comfort and dwelling. Let God Reign.


Father we thank you for your infinite wisdom and for the grace to receive from you daily. I bless you for the earth and adore you for the heavens. Let both work for my glorification. In Jesus’ name..

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