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Let Your Habitation Become God's Righteousness. Key To Prosperity.

Psalm 72:3 (GNT)

May the land enjoy prosperity; may it experience righteousness.


Righteousness is the standard for a godly nation. It exalts and lifts the glory of a nation and its reward would be fruitfulness and prosperity. When we talk about a nation we are looking at the collective behaviors, talents and gifts of the inhabitants. Israel was the name of one man and from his loins came a nation. God sought one righteous man to save Sodom and none was found. You are a nation in the making and you can influence the character of that nation. When the land is prosperous the inhabitants (you) are prosperous. May your house be set apart and your habitation be God’s dwelling.


Bless my house O Lord and let it stand as a tower of righteousness. Let all who come in experience you. Take sickness and pain and bring Joy and contentment. In Jesus’ name I pray.

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