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Kings Will Bow Before You. A Beacon Of Heaven. Know Your Potential.

Isaiah 49:23a (GNT)

Kings will be like fathers to you; queens will be like mothers. They will bow low before you and honor you; they will humbly show their respect for you.


God is more than a king and Jesus is actually the King of all kings. Every “descendant” of heaven carries supernatural royalty in his/her makeup. The lesser king pays homage and bows to the superior king. We are lower than God so we worship and bow before his presence and he blesses us with the gifts of the kingdom. When we walk with the Lord and stay in the path of his way, we are elevated into glory. You are a royal of heaven and have been endowed with glory, power and grace. At your full potential, kings and presidents would submit to your authority because the beacon of heaven shines on your life with the mandate of Heaven. Arise!


Let thy word guide me so I will walk in your glory O King of kings. Let humility and wisdom lead my life so I may know the true purpose of my call. I will dwell in your house and worship you always. IJN

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