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Jesus! Not For Ours Only.

Romans 10:13

for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”


I heard a story of a Muslim on an airplane and there was so much turbulence to the point everyone believed the possibility of a crush. Like in most danger glaring situations, Christians would yell Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and the Muslim surprisingly was heard calling on Jesus. Everyone in any situation who has the courage to call on the name of the Lord Jesus will receive a “miracle”. It is an invocation of heavens’ hosts to bring to you what you need, in good measure, at that particular time, The name Jesus is your redeeming anchor through the storms and a light in darkness. It is your saving grace.


Thank You Lord for the ability to have you as an anchor I can always hang on and be delivered from trouble. I will bless your name forever O Lord.

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