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It's Time. I Mean, Like Now.

Isaiah 41:4 (NIV)

Who has done this and carried it through, calling forth the generations from the beginning? I, the Lord—with the first of them and with the last—I am he.”


There is a general idea which plays through the scriptures. We say, “God begins everything from the end”. It is normal to think the beginning is always the start to creation. Just as the architect has completed the design and envisioned the finished product, before the first stone is laid, God has already set your success and life in motion. He knows where the road ends and knows where the risks are. We can be masters in our professional fields but God is the architect of our individual lives. He called your blood line and set your generations, from the very first to the last in place. You deserve every good thing and your place in his succession plan is secured. God’s spotlight will always be on you as the center of His attraction. Not a time for feeling sorry, not a time for being intimidated. It’s just time. Shalom.!


Yes Lord, you are He. You called me and my generation unto good works. Let the coming future bring Joy and direction to pursue your will. In Jesus' name I pray.

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