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Instead of manna God will bring the rain. It's your season of abundant rain (blessings).

Psalm 65:10

you send abundant rain on the ploughed fields and soak them with water; you soften the soil with showers and cause the young plants to grow.


Different seasons bring different conditions (Rain, Snow, Heat, etc) which are either favorable or unfavorable depending on how dependent we are on the seasons. The farmer needs rain so he ploughs the field, prepares the land and trusts God to provide the rain and God honors him by providing the rain. God is ready to provide the rain but are our fields ploughed and ready or we await a miraculous harvest. Prepare for the rain for it is coming, make that move, Start that business. The days of manna are over. You need to plough a field and get it ready. It’s the season of abundant blessings.


Holy Spirit of God, open our eyes so we can discern the times and seasons. Provide me with fresh ideas of opportunities and lead me into the will of God.In Jesus name.

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