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In Your Poverty, He Enriches Your Life. Not All That Glitters..!

  • Psalm 41:1 (GNT)

  • Happy are those who are concerned for the poor; the LORD will help them when they are in trouble.

  • WORD:

  • The believer is first redeemed and adopted into a family which is united with common purpose and bound by the love and grace of God. “Poor” people will always be with us and it is our responsibility to ensure their well being and safety. The opposite of being poor, is being rich and true riches come from God. You can possess great wealth and still be poor. It is profound how scripture states that the Lord will help them who are concerned about the poor. We will always be poor spiritually and would need the presence of God to possess the kingdom of Heaven. He shall surely help thee.


  • Father, I pray that you lead me through the path of righteousness into a land of blessing where I will learn to find your blessings through the poverty in my spirit. Let my life be a blessing in Jesus’ name.

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