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His Wings Of Love: Our Ultimate Protection.

Isaiah 25:12 (GNT)

He will destroy the fortresses of Moab with their high walls and bring them tumbling down into the dust.


Walls are a symbol of protection and could also be a tool for confinement. The Moabites had built strong walls around them and taunted the children of God. Jericho was another example but the Lord who is the master builder definitely knows how to pull them down. Sometimes, we put up walls to protect us and instead, get trapped within them with little opportunity of escape. Every wall of oppression, reproach and disappointment in your life can be brought down and shredded into pieces through God’s will. You don’t need physical walls because God’s wings of love and grace will provide all the protection you need.


I pray O Lord, that you spread your wings to cover all of me. My thoughts, desires, and limitations. I pull down any wall or strongholds that have become a hindrance to my progress. In Jesus’ Name.

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