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His Unfailing Love... Even In Your Worst State. Stay Connected.

Psalm 62:12

“and that his love is constant. You yourself, O Lord, reward everyone according to his deeds.”


How and when God loves us, never changes. His love for us remains the same no matter what we do. We are the variables in this equation because our feelings and different beliefs keep fluctuating due to fear and worry. When we offend God, we are alienated from him not because he stops loving us, but we are disappointed in ourselves and hide from his presence. God’s love though, never changes, it is not impacted by our righteousness neither is it affected by our Sinful nature. God loves you no matter what. Walk with confidence, live as loved. Jesus really loves you.


“We love you Lord, We adore you Lord we lay our lives before your throne. There’s none beside you Lord, there’s no other god but you (Dr. Tumi). Let your love Oh Lord never depart from us. In Jesus name.

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