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His Love, Your Window To His Protection. Be A Good Sheep.

Psalm 23:1

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.


I see children hold their parents’ hands to cross the road, seek approval to have another candy, or ask to use their cell phones to play that game. It is built within a child’s make up to be dependent in some shape or form. We are all children of God and that process never stops. God will be the ultimate shepherd who plays the role of a guardsman, protector, provider, validator, and is good at it. Everything we’ll ever need is within his reach which is even better because our biological parents have limitations but God doesn’t. His limitations are meant to optimize our capacity.


Jehovah you are the great shepherd of my life. You make me lie in green pastures and restore me when I go astray. Thank you for your loving kindness. In Jesus’ name I pray

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