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His Love, Our Eternal Covering.

Psalm 33:5 (GNT)

The LORD loves what is righteous and just; his constant love fills the earth.


The love of God will repair, restore, atone, forgive, repudiate, judge,and reward. Have you ever wondered why some people still walk on the face of this earth: Like the wicked business partner who took advantage of your innocence, or those you perceived as wicked or undeserving of life? It is because God’s constant love fills the earth and anyone who encounters it receives that which is needed. There’s a reward for those who do good things and are just in their ways, the Lord will preserve and exalt them. Don’t be tired of doing good, you have become God’s best friend.


Thank you Lord for your love which fills the earth and for which I can have a glorious life. You have led me through a complex world and you’ll reward my faithfulness at all cost. I pray In Jesus’ name.

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