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His Compassion, Your Resurrection.

John 11:35

“Jesus Wept”


Jesus was God and human at the same time. He walked the face of this earth as a man with like passions and was subject to the same earthy laws that we have. The loss of Lazarus was painful for Mary & Martha and Jesus felt their pain and was moved with compassion. Raising Lazarus was the easiest part because he was God and could give life back to him. Your pain and your suffering is not unknown or unseen by our Lord. He wept for you so you don’t have to weep any more. He’s compassionate towards your plight and will give life to every dead situation.


Oh Jesus, I know you are with me always and will heed my prayer when I call. Thank you for Love & Grace which ensures that I have continuous access and a partaker of God’s kingdom.

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