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He Will Set Confusion Among Your Enemies And Defeat Them For Your Sake. Shalom!

Joshua 11:20 (GNT)

For the Lord hardened their hearts and caused them to fight the Israelites. So they were completely destroyed without mercy, as the Lord had commanded Moses.


God wanted to show Egypt his power so he hardened Pharaoh's heart and unleashed the plagues. We see a repeat here. Joshua is on track to claim the promise and instead of making peace some nations still rose up to fight and they were heavily defeated. It was God’s doing. Sometimes the stubbornness of your enemies is a direct influence of God so he can perfect and complete what he started in your life. On the other hand, be mindful and pray so you don’t fall in God’s hand and have a hardened heart. God will at all cost come through with his promises for your life. May the works of your enemies be defeated for your sake.


Thank you Lord for the battles won and the gift of strength to win those ahead. I will seek you O Lord and dwell on your everlasting promises. Your ways O Lord, Your ways. In Jesus’ Name I pray.

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