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He Will Be There To Lift You Up: Cry No More.

Psalm 37:23-24

The LORD guides people in the way they should go and protects those who please him. If they fall, they will not stay down, because the LORD will help them up.


God is father to us all and hopes to redeem all humans to himself. The most important condition is to please him and walk in his ways. By his ways, I mean he has a specific plan for each and everyone of us and if we follow his lead, we are fully shielded. Now, there are times we will fall, get lost, be abandoned, rejected, disgraced and condemned but the Lord himself will hold our hands and lift us up from the ground to continue on his righteous path. Even if you fall, you will not fail because there are no failures among God’s children. You are specially chosen by God unto victory.


You O Lord, brighten my path and guide me through my journey. You lift me up anytime I fall and protect my life from the wicked. You are my rod and my staff. Thank You. In Jesus name.

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