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He Has Renamed You For His Glory. Yes You Have A New Name.

Isaiah 62:2b

All their kings will see your glory. you will be called by a new name, a name given by the LORD himself.


The Bible clearly teaches of other rulers of darkness and principalities that all seek to devour the chosen sons and daughters of God. When we stick with Christ and walk with him, we change the coordinates of our journey (life). We put on the nature of light glorifying the father. You become untouchable even though they’ll still try to bring you down. To complete the process, God will give you a new identity by changing your name and you will no longer be defined by your circumstances. Kings and princes will bow at your feet because the “signature” of Christ will be upon you. Enjoy your new identity, walk in liberty.


Let your glory O Lord shine through my life and like Jacob, give me a new name and identity so I will be like Christ in holiness, righteousness, truth, power and under the grazing of his pasture.

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