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Greater Grace, Stronger Bonds. A Fulfilled Life.

James 4:6a (GNB)

But the grace that God gives is even stronger.


When God made us, we inherited the ability to think and make choices regarding our own lives. This was the will of man and it’s the greatest threat to our obedience to God. We are filled with so many desires which oppose God’s will for our lives. Jesus came so we will be able to bypass the consequences of our will. God provisioned him with a much greater ability so that through him we can overcome the world's schemes and reconcile easily with the fathers will. The brightness of his Grace will dispel the darkness in the world around you. So walk in a Greater Grace!


Elevate me oh Lord above the deeds of the world by the power of your grace so that I can overcome this world and walk in your purpose for my life. In Jesus’ name I pray.

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