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God Swore To Protect Your Corn And Wine From The Adversaries. Eat The Good Of The Land..

Isaiah 62:8 (GNT)

The LORD has made a solemn promise, And by his power he will carry it out: “Your corn will no longer be food for your enemies, And foreigners will no longer drink your wine.


It is a curse for you to work and another man enjoys the fruit of your labor. There’s a central theme that runs all through the bible: God rewards effort and the harvest is usually for those who plant in due season. There are little foxes, pests and worms that attack our harvests sometimes due to our disobedience or God showing his power. God has swore by his own power that you will enjoy the fruits of your labor and nothing can oppose this will for your life. Your children are a product of your labor, your jobs and investments, your body, soul and mind will be subject to his will and they will be protected. Claim the promise. Shalom!


I declare O Lord, by the power of your word that my store houses are out of limits to foreign adversaries and I hold on to your promises. I will eat my own corn and drink my own wine. Let your name be praised. In Jesus Name.

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