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God's Power, Part Of Our Inherited Nature.

Psalm 62:11 (KJV)

God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God..


There is a sense of strength, a position of exceptional ability that comes with having power. There’s a saying that “power corrupts” but at the same time there is power both in the words and spirit of the believer. The manifestation of God's word through a believer, gives him the supernatural ability to do great and mighty things. God knowing the effects associated with that power reminds us that he is the source of our power and he can take it back. Maybe, the reason most people haven’t reached their power potential is because God doesn’t trust the intent of man’s heart. There’s power to break yokes.


Bless me O Lord with wisdom and let my experiences teach me the essence of humility, so I will utilize the power working in me to bless and praise your name. In Jesus’ name.

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