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God's Peace! A Hub For True Worship And Harmony.

Hebrews 12:14a

“Try to be at peace with everyone”,


Peace is an essential element of our mental and emotional health which is cardinal to our worship of God.. Contentious people distort the balance of our worship, they cause strife, and create an environment where it's impossible for the Holy Spirit to operate. Jesus is the prince of peace and Paul prays for peace for all those he deals with. Peace is not dependent on wealth, riches or social standing, it can be an attitude which can be cultivated. I pray that this week becomes one that you experience the peace of God. Let go of worry and try to avoid contention at all cost. The more of Christ inside of you, the more peace inside of you.


I pray that you give me the courage to walk away from contention, and embrace things that will set me on the path of peace. Let your supernatural peace come into my life.In Jesus’ name.

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