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Free From The Claws Of The Law. Grace (Jesus) Brings Liberty.

Galatians 2:21 (GNT)

I refuse to reject the grace of God. But if a person is put right with God through the Law, it means that Christ died for nothing!


The death of Christ was not only to deliver us from the curse of sin but also from the crude, dogmatic and oppressive law which burdened us further by condemning us before the fact. The grace given to the Christian is a mystery. God wanted us to be the walking law of righteousness, peace, & faith because we have been cleansed through love, & compassion, given the ability to hear from God directly. God’s grace (Jesus) offered his life and paid for the law so we might be free from its claws. Accept the gift of God and live a victorious and fulfilling life through Jesus.


Thank you for the cross and the gift of your only begotten son. Thank you for the grace we enjoy through the spirit and thank you for the road map into your marvelous life.In Jesus’ name.

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